A comprehensive range of test and inspection equipment ensures that we can perform all but the most specialist testing in-house. Below are some of our main facilities.


Tensile testing is performed to find out the ultimate tensile strength, proof stress and elongation of the metal. To test the metal, we produce test bars which we place into our tensile machine. The machine then pulls the bar until it breaks and we are then given the results of the test as a chart. This test allows us to see if each grade of metal is meeting its required strength specification.


Metallurgical Analysis is performed on the material we produce to ensure the correct chemical composition is achieved. This ensures the material will have the correct properties according to the customer specification.

3D Scanning

Supplementing a conventional CMM machine, the 3D scanner we have is able to quickly scan thousands of points on a physical casting and compare their positions to a CAD model. This is particularly useful where there isnt a drawing available. The output gives more information than would be obtained on a CMM and is quicker and easier to interpret. The scanner is highly accurate and able to determine variations down to 0.009mm.

CMM (Co-ordinate Measuring Machine)

We have two in-house CMM machines that allow us to accurately measure all our products, (including machined parts), to a very high accuracy. With the aid of this equipment we are able to produce accurate dimensional reports, including statistical analysis and 3D surface analysis when required.