WM Lee Apprenticeships

We are delighted to have had 8 new apprentices join us in 2023.  Working in partnership with our training providers, The AMRC and The Sheffield College our new apprentices have made a fantastic start to their careers in Engineering and the Cast Metal Industry.  We will shortly be looking for several apprentices to join us in 2024.  Please keep checking this page for further information or email to register your interest today. 

Our Current Vacancies

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Our Current Apprentice's

Foundry Apprentices

Chris, Ben M, Jake, and Ben S are our Foundry apprentices currently working towards their Level 3 qualification in Metal Casting, Foundry and Patternmaking.  In 2021 when Chris and Ben M embarked on their qualification it was in partnership with Foundry Training Services based in Dudley. At the time they were the only training provider in the UK that offered this highly specialised course.  This year we are delighted to partner with one of our local training providers, the Sheffield College, where Jake and Ben S are undertaking their studies.  As William Lee employees, they are paid to learn the skills needed to fulfil the complex and important roles in the Cast Metals Industry whilst gaining valuable experience by working alongside our skilled and experienced foundry operatives.

Richard recently completed his level 3 qualification in Metal Casting, Foundry and Patternmaking with a Distinction.  Richard was promoted to Supervisor whilst working towards his level 3 and has now secured a managerial position and is taking his studies further on the apprenticeship in Manufacturing Engineering Level 6. In 2021, Richard was awarded the Worshipful Company of Ironmongers ‘Best Student Award’ by the Institute of Cast Metals Engineers.  We were proud to accompany Richard at the Institute’s Annual Award Luncheon to see him receive this very prestigious award.

Engineering Apprentices

Callum, McKenzie, Oliver, Sam C, and Jack are our engineering apprentices undertaking their mechanical and electrical engineering qualifications through the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), Sheffield University.  AMRC is a world class manufacturing research and training facility, and our apprentices complete their initial training there before returning to us to work alongside our experienced engineering team with continued assessment from AMRC.

Sam F is currently working towards a level 4 Automation and Controls Engineering Technician Apprenticeship in partnership with the AMRC.  He is primarily based at Wm Lee working alongside our experienced engineering team with weekly day release at the AMRC Training Centre.

Zakiya is our CAD (Computer Aided Design) apprentice currently undertaking her Level 3 Engineering Technician (Technical Support) apprenticeship.  This qualification is designed to help her become a competent engineering technician providing technical support and expertise for all areas of engineering and manufacturing. Zakiya’s apprenticeship is in partnership with the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), Sheffield University.

Alex is currently working towards the level 3 Machining Technician apprenticeship at the AMRC, Sheffield University.  Machining technicians produce complex and precision machined products that are typically used in machinery. For example, aeroplanes and vehicles.  Alex works alongside our experienced and skilled toolmakers and amongst other things he is learning how to produce precision fixture tooling and grippers for the automated grinding areas and how to manufacture bespoke items of plant machinery for the maintenance department.

Our Past Apprentices

Ben was our IT apprentice and he successfully achieved his Level 3 on the Infrastructure Technician apprenticeship.  We were delighted to offer Ben a permanent contract and he continues to provide valuable IT support to colleagues across the Castings Group, setting people up on systems, solving problems and troubleshooting. 

Sam, Edward, Will, Tom and Ryan have all completed the Level 3 Engineering Technician apprenticeship and we were delighted to be able to offer them permanent contracts in our maintenance team where they continue to develop their skills and make a valuable contribution.  Sam was recently appointed as a shift Supervisor and now leads a team of engineers. 

What Do Our Apprentices Say About WM Lee ?

“My apprenticeship has been a great experience; I now have a good understanding of the whole foundry and have been given lots of opportunities to expand my knowledge. At college all the teachers came from foundry backgrounds and have years of experience behind them to help me link my learning in the classroom to my work. My colleagues at Wm Lee are very experienced and always willing to share their knowledge with me. I have been well supported over the last three years and love being part of the Wm Lee team”.
Chris Britton
Patternshop Apprentice
“I’m enjoying my apprenticeship here at Wm Lee. I’ve only been here two months and already I have learned how to program robots and now I’ve moved into the Coreshop where I am learning how to make cores which give the internal finish on castings”.
Ben Skingle
Foundry Apprentice
“Everyone at Wm Lee has been so welcoming and willing to help me learn new skills. I spent two months in the Coreshop and now I have moved into the PatternShop where I am learning how to repair and refurb patterns and core boxes. I am also learning how to make fingers for the robots”.
Jake Gilbraith
Foundry Apprentice
“Wm Lee is a fantastic place to work, everyone is so friendly and will give you the help and support you need. I feel that I have settled in well and can talk to anyone. AMRC is also a really good and friendly place to learn, we are taught skills that we would not learn at other colleges”.
Zakiya Farooq
CAD & 3D Modelling Design Apprentice
“I enjoy working at Wm Lee, everyone helps me. It’s a good working environment and everyone is so friendly. I am enjoying my time at college; we learn a lot and if we have any problems the lecturers are very approachable and willing to help”.
Alex Holland
Machinist Apprentice