Due to the hugely diverse work produced by Wm. Lee Ltd., it is essential that we have the right equipment and skilled staff to ensure that any job can be competently processed. Every part is followed through with a ‘route card’ to guarantee that every operation is carried out and to the level specified by the customer at the beginning.

We continue to strive to offer the best quality of product for our customers and this has meant investing in new equipment. Our ongoing investment programme includes installation of Robotic fettling machines. These machines installed at a cost of £1/4 million per pair give unprecedented repeatability. High-speed diamond impregnated wheels ensure that grinding marks are kept to a minimum leaving a superior surface finish.


Listed here are a few of the tools at our disposal.

  • Robotic Fettling
  • CNC Lathes
  • Auto Grinders
  • Grinders
  • Presses
  • Hand Fettling
  • Specialist dedicated equipment