William Lee Ltd is committed to ensure its operations have the lowest possible impact on the environment. Continuous improvement and use of the best available technology will reduce the impact on the environment by improving energy efficiency, recycling of foundry waste and noise suppression. 

As a producer of iron castings, William Lee Ltd recognises that its activities have an impact on the environment in terms of the use of raw materials, emissions to air and unavoidable generation of waste through the process of producing castings and associated business operations.

The company is accredited to lSO14001:2015 and meets all the demands of this Environmental Management System in order to comply with environmental legislation, and to demonstrate its commitment towards waste reduction and pollution prevention.

Environmental Objectives

  • Continue to find ways to reduce/recycle waste that is specifically generated during casting manufacture. Currently 80% of foundry waste is recycled.
  • To work with suppliers in order to reduce packaging waste that is sent with ordered goods and the affect transportation has on the environment.
  • Continue to reduce the use of electrical energy
  • Continue with the noise reduction action plan that has been agreed with North East Derbyshire District Council and monitor the effect on the company’s neighbours through external noise assessments.
  • Continue with the development of LEV incorporated casting feeder and running system removal cells in order to eliminate fugitive emissions created by existing practices.
  • Expand and promote the reduction/recycling of waste office paper through paperless systems and recycling management.